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Makeup Services

Feeling pretty is priceless. Grace’s professional makeup artists will help you achieve your desired look with full face makeup, be it for an event, a party, or a concert face, makeup for teens and tweens….

“We’ve got you”

Go for the “Pure & Natural” look for a soft, finished look; the “Simply Glowing” look for that Gold Coast glow, or “Chic Glam” for a precisely lined eye and a bold lip; or the “Smoke & Mirrors” full makeup service with contour, highlight and a dramatic eye look.

Makeup Application Services From $80

Professional Bridal Makeup Artists

Congratulations! You’re getting married. The right makeup is key to achieving your bridal look, so it’s important to get it right. Makeup needs to be tailored to your skin type and your skin tone, as well as your overall bridal / wedding style.


At Grace Threading & Beauty we have the experience and the skills to ensure your makeup is long-lasting yet allows your natural beauty to shine through.

We recommend securing your wedding date with us as soon as possible and then having a makeup trial about 3-4 months out from your actual wedding day.

We also offer other beauty services that may interest you in preparation for the big day.

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Cosmetic Tattoo Portfolio

Makeup you can wear all day. All night. All week. All year!

What is Cosmetic Tattooing or Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Cosmetic Tattooing, also called ‘Micropigmentation’, is a popular well-tolerated cosmetic treatment involving the controlled insertion of safe colour pigments into the dermis layer of the skin, instantly improving appearance, facial definition and in most instances, a long lasting effect. Basically this is a cosmetic treatment that defines your eyes, brows or lips with a soft, natural appearance or a bold style – the choice is yours and it looks, and stays looking, like perfectly applied make-up or the most subtle of enhancements. All cosmetic tattooing will ‘fade’, or metabolise, to some degree. Initial fading occurs within first month called them healing’ stage and some procedures require a ‘touch up’ and then will last anywhere from 1-3yrs.

Cosmetic tattooing is especially beneficial for people who:

  • Simply want to enhance their current features
  • Are unable to apply makeup
  • Have poor eyesight
  • Are busy and don’t have time to spend on their makeup
  • Have unsteady hands
  • Suffer from eye allergies caused by makeup
  • Are on-stage and in the entertainment/modelling industry
  • Play sport and don’t want to worry about ‘sweating off’ or re-applying makeup
  • Have thinning or no eyebrows

* Cosmetic Tattoo Design Fr: $250