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The eyebrow grooming business has grown exponentially over the last decade. Australia and the rest of the world are becoming brow obsessed. Grace Threading are proud to bring you highly skilled, dedicated brow artists who together have developed a strong loyal client following as one of Queensland’s original brow destinations! Grace Threading is RENOWNED as a customer favourite Threading Venue in and around Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

We believe the perfect brow can actually become an alternative to a face lift. A well manicured brow frames the eyes to create a youthful and sophisticated look.

In addition to brows we offer traditional threading services for chemical free hair removal for the entire face. The skin on one’s face is both sensitive and thin when compared to other parts of the body. Constantly applying chemicals and other harsh products can further damage the skin resulting in an increased chance in developing wrinkles, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation or extra sensitivity to the sun.

Whether you have a normal skin or a sensitive skin, our experts do it in the most delicate way. They don’t allow the thread to skin contact. If a little pinkness occurs in a rare case, it usually goes away within an hour. There is no chance of scorching or burning of skin. You get a more polished brow line and ultra smooth skin after facial hair removal plus a gentle massage over your threaded area. We pick up every short stubble that even a waxing leaves behind. Once done it can last up to 4 weeks depending upon the hair re-growth and type.

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1Eyebrow Shaping      $20
2Tidy Up.      $15
3Upper Lip   $10
4Chin.           $10
5Lower Chin $10
6Forehead.   $10
7Monobrow. $10
8Sides.         $15
9Full Face.   $50
10Neck.         $15





Cheeks      $15


Special Offers, Combo Services OR Packages may exist at individual store locations. Please view our pricing page for specific details.


7 Reasons you should consider Threading over waxing

There’s often a debate over whether threading or waxing is the best way to go when it comes to hair removal. As it turns out, there’s a very clear answer. According to

Grace Threading Salon’s Founder Sarah, you should consider threading over waxing, and there are definitive reasons why.

Ever found yourself wondering why threading has grown in popularity as of late or why people seem to be abandoning waxing for this traditional hair removal method.

Sure, waxing has long been the most common practice when it comes to hair removal, especially when it comes to brows. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

For one thing, it’s more effective as it lasts longer than waxing.

For years, brow groomers have been terrified of over-tweezing their brows or going to groom happy with the wax. A professional threading service can help with taming brows but not overdoing things. Plus, once you see Sarah’s benefits to threading, you’ll totally want to book a session.

  1. Chemical Free Service; Sarah explains “Store-bought and salon wax contains harsh chemicals. The ingredients include resins, carcinogenic parabens, artificial fragrances, and dangerous dyes.”
  2. Better for sensitive skin; Because of its chemical-free element and non-harsh method, threading is a good option for those with sensitive skin.
  3. Threading lasts longer! According to Sarah, threading can last anywhere between 4 & 10 weeks depending on individual hair re-growth patterns.
  4. Threading is more accurate; Threading allows a technician to get as precise as possible. Sarah explains, “Threading allows the beautician to develop the natural arch of your eyebrow as they have closer access to each hair growth since it is done individually.”
  5. Threading can happen sooner; You don’t have to wait for a while until your hairs come totally back in. Instead, you can get your brows threaded sooner than with wax and prevent grow-in.
  6. Threading is faster; Sarah explains “that threading can take as little as between three to seven minutes”.
  7. Threading is more hygienic; Most times when facial waxing, you have to worry about the wax being contaminated with previous clients’ bacteria or even blood (most brow bars use wax & still double dip even though it’s against national beauty practice guidelines) than that bacteria is now in the wax that is being applied on your skin! Yuk! “With threading, you don’t have to worry about anything like that since a piece of new thread is used on every single client.” Explains Sarah.

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