Are you looking for your First Time Brazilian Wax? Experienced waxer, high sanitation and less irritation?

You are a right place. Our technique and special wax make the experience pretty comfortable.

We only use the world's finest waxes including the Brazilian wax. Our experts are trained to give you a wonderful experience with minimum irritation and no burn. We bring experience and professionalism to the art of waxing.


Avoid the chore of shaving and tweezing with the long lasting benefits of waxing! Our mission is to provide you an exceptional service while creating a comfortable environment.


Waxing for Men

Our male clientele includes the list of bodybuilders, cyclists, swimmers, business people and of course service class men. These days men are waxing because they want a clean look and want to appear younger.




Our price list is as follows:

Waxing Price List - Women
1 Full arms $30 (with underarms $40)
2 Half arms $20
3 ¾ arms $30
4 Under arms $12
5 Shoulders $20
6 Stomach $25
7 Bikini line $15
8 Ears $15
9 Nostrils $15
10 Toes $7
11 Half legs $25
12 ¾ legs $30
13 Full Legs $40
14 Snail Trail $10
15 Neck (back) $15
16 Nipples $10
17 Buttock $15
18 Brazilian starts $35
19 Bottom (Brazilian) $10
20 Full body + Brazilian $135
21 Full body (arms, legs, back, underarms and shoulders) $100
Waxing Price List - Men
1 Chest wax $30
2 Stomach wax $25
3 Full legs $55
4 Full back $40
5 Shoulder wax $20
6 Toes wax $7

We accept cash, Visa, Master Card and EFTPOS as well. Visit us to get a whole new experience and that too at a very affordable prices. Contact us for more details.

Prices may vary according to location of shop. Please confirm with us before availing the service. Prices may change without any notice.