Most ladies can attest to the fact that waxing can be torturous at the best of times…. Right?

So when waxing is your preferred method for hair removal you’ll need to trust in the professional you choose to visit – that they can provide you a superior, thorough, hygienic waxing experience AND this is exactly what we at Grace Beauty & Threading can assure you our attention to detail, skill and knowledge of this service is top priority for your comfort.

Using only high quality resin wax and a careful application by our skilled therapists, ingrown hairs and irritated skin are an unlikely reality.

Expert Brazilian waxing for women only and a Full list of waxing services for men means we can promise smooth skin today!

Regular rebooking a of all waxing services is recommended at 4-6weekly intervals and should be done at time of leaving current booking to avoid disappointment of missing out or missing your usual waxing technician next time around.

Waxing for Men

Our male clientele includes the list of bodybuilders, cyclists, swimmers, business people and of course service class men. These days men are waxing because they want a clean look and want to appear younger, it prevents ugly stubble or ingowns and provides smooth to the touch skin for upto 6wks. Give it a go today!

Waxing List 

Full arms

w/ underarm



2Half arms$25

¾ Arms OR

¾ Legs



4Under arms$10-15
5Half Leg$30
6Full Leg$40
7Lady Tummy Line$10





Bikini Line

High Bikini

G-String Bikini

women only 






Basic Brazilian

women only 

Fr: $35

Full Brazilian

women only 

13Bottom Cheeks$20

Full Body & Brazilian

“Women’s Works”

16Men’s Full Back Wax$40
17Neck (back)$15
18Men’s Full ArmsFr: $35
19Men’s Full Legs



20Shoulder Waxing$20
21Men’s Full Chest & Stomach$50
22Men’s Hands Wax$20

Full Waxing Menu and Waxing Packages here:


9 Things to prepare before your first wax.

  1. Wait four weeks for the hairs to grow through & return – this is especially important if you’ve previously shaved.
  2. An anti-inflammatory medicine can alleviate waxing discomfort (feedback from our clients – NOT a professional recommendation)
  3. Don’t have a wax five days before or after your period – it will be very sensitive.
  4. Exfoliate the night before or morning of your appointment, using a loofa glove or ball and sugar scrub or body wash.
  5. Go to the gym a few hours after your appointment NOT before. The skin is difficult to wax i temperature is elevated or skin sweaty / clammy. Your skin also needs to recover post wax so leave exercise for a few hours.
  6. Leave it a few days before you slip into your swimmers or wet suit; For seriously sensitive skins, it can take this long for redness to go down. Also, salt water and chlorine will get into your open pores and cause more irritation usually stinging that may then cause a red rash.
  7. Plan your wax day outfit, loose fitting comfy clothing is best.
  8. Avoid a spray tan before your wax and wait 24hrs or until your first full shower post waxing to do any tanning treatments.
  9. Avoid sun exposure on the day of your wax and upto 48hours after.

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